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Social Media Marketing Services

My main focus is to tap into and build your audience and customer base through the right social media tools. Just because a social media platform exists does not mean you need to be on it. Developing a unique social media strategy is key to a successful online presence.

    Private Training

    Private one on one or group training covers the basic and advanced how to of the top social media tools to grow your business.


    Sometimes you just need a little insight or direction. One on one or group strategy sessions are available. This is not cookie cutter stuff. It is catered and specific to your needs.

    Social Media Campaigns

    Customized Social Media campaigns are designed to increase engagement and leads. Can include landing pages, sweepstake contests, comment contests and more.

Social Media Management

Do you want someone else to handle the content creation and positing to your social media channels? We got you covered.

Social Media Clients

Professional Testimonials

“Max is a dedicated and outstanding professional. His expertise in social media, online marketing and business development, have made him an invaluable asset to every organization. Max provides detailed insight and qualitative feedback in a moments request always being available for support or guidance!”

– Steve Leon, ActorsComfort

“Max Weinstein is a driven detail oriented individual who keeps his word, keeps the company on task and pitches in beyond the call of duty. Max helped Eec! and our social networking needs that served two different events, we could not have reached our goals without his help.”

– Mykel Dicus, Founder, EEC! Productions

“Max is personable and his professional work is without compare. He will answer all your questions and then some. I keep learning more ways to profitably make use of social media all the time. You’ll probably want to do the same. Thanks a million, Max!!”

– Catherine Marks, Founder, Communication Awareness

Social Media Newsletter

Simple, easy to learn social media tips, best practices and strategies to promote your brand.