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Over the weekend I saw Roger Daltrey at The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. He performed The Who’s classic album Tommy in its entirety.  It was an awesome show and my seats could not have been better!

Ticketmaster and the Prudential Center both have a nice way of communicating before and after events. 5 days before the concert, I received an email reminder from Ticketmaster. 3 days before, I got an email from the Prudential Center, including some event and venue information along with public transit directions. This being my first trip to the Prudential Center it was nice to have basic travel information with links to the New Jersey Transit website. Two days after, I received another email from Ticketmaster asking for me to review the concert. Once reviews are posted, they can be shared across twitter, facebook, myspace, digg and

This communication and feedback model can be beneficial for everyone. The customer gets to share their experience, getting to the venue can also be part of it. Roger or someone on his team has the option to read fan reviews and decided to change anything.  Ticketmaster now has more information that they can use internally and share with the venue to improve future events.

Communicating with customers is key. But listening is even more important. If we don’t listen and react then we are not doing our jobs.

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