3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video Content

Here are three reasons why you should start or continue to use video in your social media marketing:

1) Incorporating video content has become extremely important in telling a company’s story. Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, and Snapchat have joined YouTube in that they all allow you to upload video content. There is no sign of video slowing down. Embrace it now.

2) Using video allows you to expand your visibility and reach.

Uploading content to YouTube allows you to reach more people as it is the second most used search engine and owned by Google.

Facebook gives video content uploaded directly to Facebook more reach and visibility in the timeline vs posting a link from YouTube.

Uploading a 30-second video to Twitter will help you stand out from the news feed noise.

Periscope, which is owned by Twitter, allows you to broadcast to the world in real time. It has great discovery features and allows you to reach a whole new audience.

Periscope celebrated its one-year anniversary last month. In late 2015, Facebook announced Facebook Live to compete with Periscope.

Facebook Live is increasing in usage. After a broadcast is complete, it will remain on your page’s timeline.

Instagram is expanding its video upload length from fifteen seconds to sixty seconds. This gives you more time to tell your story.

Snapchat has been gaining a ton of momentum in the past few months as brands and professionals have started to embrace it. Snapchat is all about creating a story. A story is a series of short videos, of up to ten seconds, and pictures that are strung together. In Snapchat, you can add different effects and overlays to your content. Snapchat stories will last for twenty four hours. Snapchat allows you to save your content to your phone.

Six platforms does not mean you need to create six different kinds of videos. Repurpose your video content across the different platforms.

3) Using video allows you to showcase your products, and humanize your organization.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, at the end of the day, people want to do business with people and not logos. Consumers have become very cynical. Most of the time they feel like they are being sold to and shouted at. Creating video content that features key players, staff and company culture can alleviate that cynicism and create a level of trust and comfortability. This can then foster relationships and create new customers.

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