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Reviews and Testimonials

When you are deciding to buy a new product or service what is the first thing you do? Go straight to Google to seek out reviews and testimonials.  We all do it. I did it just the other day when I had to find a new iPhone case. I searched all over on the company website, on Amazon, on the Best Buy website, finally finding a case I liked that got a positive review.  Positive reviews influence our purchasing behavior. This is known as social proof.

Positive reviews influence our purchasing behavior. Click To Tweet

When you read positive reviews, you have gained a level of trust with the product or company and now feel comfortable to make the purchase.

Your customers and prospects are doing the same thing but depending upon your business they might be searching for reviews on  Yelp, your Google Business listing, Facebook and on your website.

Having strong and positive reviews and testimonials are great for your business but only if people can find them. Most websites are limited to a single testimonials page. Why limit your reviews to one page? In other cases reviews may be hidden in the footer of a website.

Displaying reviews and testimonials front and center on your website will increase the chances of people taking action.  Visitors will see the results you create and increase the chances of them wanting to work with you.

Having strong and positive reviews and testimonials are great for your business but only if people can find them. Click To Tweet

Sticky Reviews

Sticky Reviews is a new tool that lets you display unlimited testimonials and reviews on any page on your website. They are called “Sticky” because they will stay in the same place, even when you scroll.

As soon as your site loads, the reviews start to cycle through and display on your website. Because your reviews are easily viewable and accessible your credibility is instantly boosted. Think of it from the perspective of a website visitor. What would you want them to see? Take out the barriers. Let people know that that you are great from the second they visit your site.

To see it in action, you can visit my website or check out the screen shot below. Do you want to find out more about Sticky Reviews and how I can help you get it on your site. Fill out the form and I’ll be in touch.

reviews and testimonials screenshot


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