Run a Social Media Campaign as if You Want to be President

In the social media marketing space, I think that there may be a  misunderstanding  of what  a social  media campaign should actually be.  Many social media campaigns  evolve around a promotion,  a sale,   a contest,  a giveaway, or a   new webinar. Most of the time the focus is the campaign itself.  The missing  link and what can go overlooked  is what happens before  and after the campaign has completed.  A presidential campaign has a  before, during and after and a social media campaign should be no different.


The before can be considered   any former  office or career  someone has had leading up to their declaration to run. The  during  is the primary and general election.   The job  really begins  after the campaign has ended. Imagine becoming the President and then not really doing anything  at all. That would not be a very good president and that is  not how a successful  campaign works.  In addition, the losing candidate, and those who  dropped out during the primary may be forgotten  if they do not remain in public office. The same  process applies  when launching  a social media campaign. If you are not prepared with a follow-up plan after your campaign has ended, you run the risk of being forgotten and you  do not want to be forgotten.

I  have outlined  different aspects to consider for every step along the way.


There needs to be preparation leading up to the the start date of the campaign.  You will want to answer the following questions:

What is the goal  of the campaign?
What is the  type of   promotion?
Where will it run?
How long  will it run?
Who do you want to target?
Will you be running any social media ads for your campaign?
What  information will you capture? At the very least get an email address.


Once your campaign is  running be sure to interact  with people. If people are  leaving comments or tweeting or  posting on Instagram around your promotion be sure to reply.  If your social media campaign is attached to an ad be sure to pay attention to your ad metrics. Facebook gives you amazing targeting options. You can really hone in on your demographic. If you see that your  campaign is not getting the desired results, do not be afraid to make adjustments.


After your campaign has ended, hopefully you  have reached your goal, and have gained new data on your customers, seen an  increase  in engagement or    sales, or have collected  email addresses from your campaign participants. An email address is very important because now you are able to market to people off of social media.    Email marketing can be a very powerful tool. Capturing an email is the “Golden Goose.”  However, do not   bombard people with frequent promotional  emails that shout “buy me, buy me.”  That is one of the quickest ways for your unsubscribe rate to go up or to be ignored. This is not to say that you cannot sell with your email marketing.  You can and should but there is a process involved.  You spent time and money on your  campaign, now is the time to nurture and grow these relationships with your existing and new found consumers.   The after is really just the beginning.

Identifying  your  social media campaign goals  and laying out a long  term and well thought out strategy  that  details what you will do  before, during  and after  your campaign will  increase your chances of success.

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