Countdown clocks and what you need to know about them

Earlier this year I went talked about my social media and online marketing wishes for 2019 and beyond. I’m braking down some of these ideas in a series of blog posts. This week I’m talking about countdown clocks.

There are two types
1) Standard
2) Evergreen

I recently found a tool called Countdown Mail.  It is easy to use and built specifically to incorporate into your email marketing.

A Standard Countdown Clock is based on an end date. These are best used for a set promotion period. Perhaps a time specific sale or contest that has a hard end date. It displays in real time.

An Evergreen Countdown Clock is activated depending on when the recipient opens the email or page, or when the email was sent.

Although I’m not a huge fan of scarcity or urgency both clocks have their place when used correctly.

There are many wordpress plugins available. I still need to try them out before I can make a solid recommendation.

In addition to email blasts countdown clocks are also commonly displayed in landing and sales pages.

Do you use them? Have you noticed an increase in sales or conversions when you do? I’d love to hear your results. Comment below.

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