Shazam is one of my favorite apps. It runs on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Nokia and iPad.  It’s magic in your hand. It can detect pretty much any piece of music. Great for parties or when you hear that song  and don’t know what it is.

A few weeks ago I saw a Shazam logo in a commercial for the ABC show Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t like Grey’s Anatomy but had never seen Shazam use in a commercial so I paused my TV. Got my iphone and Shazam!

I was brought to a new screen with the option of watching  two Shazam exclusive sneak peak videos and the music video for the song featured in the commercial on YouTube. I could also purchase the song and season 7 on itunes.

What would an app like this be without sharing possibilities. You can share your discoveries on Twitter and Facebook directly through the Shazam app. No need to copy or paste anything. Very convenient

The exclusive content and sharing model is key and makes it worth using.  Do you Shazam?  Have you seen it in other commercials?

Photo (1) Shazam

OK GO tags on

OK Go rose to popularity in 2007 with their music video for  Okgooooooo
Here it goes again.  It’s the one with the treadmills. They
are constantly thinking out of the box and doing their own
thing. Just watch their videos. They left EMI and formed their own label after EMI blocked embedding of their music videos on YouTube.

Everything they do is innovative. They take the fun spirit of their music videos on the road and it totally shows.
At every OK Go concert a  crowshot is taken and posted to their Facebook Fan Page.  The band asks everyone who attended to tag themselves. Not only are people tagging themselves, they are also adding to the comments section talking about their concert going experience and continuing the conversation.  This is a fun and interactive idea. OK Go is connecting with their fans.

People like to be part of something. We like to participate and OK Go makes it easy. Can a picture on the internet replace a concert t – shirt, a ticket stub or a memory? Probably not, but it sure will last a lot longer.

Picture taken from this blog.


Crowdsourcing is a great way to gather information, ideas or content from a community. Social media has taken crowdsourcing to a new level.

One of my favorite projects that used crowdsourcing is Chart Jackers. Chart Jackers followed 4 UK Youtubers who had a goal to create a #1 pop single on the UK charts. All the procedes went  to charity.

The lyrics, melody, musicians, and singers were all found through crowdsourcing.  It’s amazing to see what they were able to accomplish and it is a testament to how the internet and social media continues to change the way we create and communicate. I don’t want to give to much away. Watch the Chart Jackers compilation below.