My Reddit Journey with Advice Animals

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This article was originally published in 2014. It is still very relevant so I wanted to post it again. I’ve updated it with some some additional thoughts throughout. 

Reddit is known as The Front Page of the Internet. It is a place where people can post interesting links and start interesting conversations. Reddit has its own unique culture and community. Each community is known as a sub-reddit. It is different than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks in that content can be upvoted and downvoted by members of the community. Based on your upvotes and downvotes you get points known as karma. The content that gets the most upvotes will end up on the front page of the sub-reddit it was submitted to. The video below does a great job of breaking it down, even further.


People often ask if they can promote their business on reddit. This is very difficult to do. Each sub-reddit has it’s own rules around what can and cannot be posted. Some groups allow promotion. It is best to go into a sub-reddit, or reddit as a whole, and engage first. Get familiar with the reddit ecosystem before you start to promote. You really want to acquire some karma points before you promote anything. 

Redditors, sometimes depending on the sub-reddit, can be extremely opinionated and honest. If they don’t agree with you, or think you did something wrong they will tell you. 

I have found some minor success on reddit in the sub-reddit r/AdviceAnimals. It didn’t have anything to do with business but gave me a great understanding how reddit and social media as a whole could and should be used.      


One of my favorite sub-reddits is r/AdviceAnimals. Advice Animals are a type of internet meme (also called image macros) that have taken off in recent years. It’s basically a picture with text on the top and the bottom of the image that helps people make funny observations about our culture. About a year ago, after seeing hundreds of Advice Animal posts, I set a goal for myself of getting to the front page of Advice Animals. Seemed easy enough.

Bad Luck Brian


I submitted my first Advice Animal, featuring Bad Luck Brian, around March 2013, with the utmost confidence. I was sure that everyone would love it. The post got 4 upvotes and 9 downvotes.  That’s -5 votes! Everyone that thinks that Facebook should have a dislike button should join the Reddit community. Reddit has the downvote button and it is not fun. My first attempt at getting some “Reddit karma” on Advice Animals was disappointing to say this least.

Futurama Fry


I did not post my next Advice Animal, until December 2013. I didn’t have a new idea and to tell you the truth, I was still recovering from the initial blow from my Bad Luck Brian fail. I decided to give my take on  Futurama Fry. It got 4 downvotes but 6 upvotes! That’s 2 points total.  At least it wasn’t negative!

Super Cool Ski Instructor

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12.10.53 PM

Next, I submitted this,  Super Cool Ski Instructor Advice Animal in February 2014. I based this Advice Animal on the play “Waiting For Godot” by Samuel Beckett. I thought it was funny, but Reddit not so much. It received 5 downvotes with 9 upvotes. Net 4 points total.

At this point, I started to try and analyze why my posts had not taken off. I thought this would be a lot easier and realized that my next post had to be super relatable and something that people could get behind.

That Would Be Great

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 7.30.25 PM

I wasn’t getting my hopes up but had a good feeling about this That Would Be Great Advice Animal.It totally took off. In a few hours, it had several hundred upvotes and they continued to grow. I’ve never refreshed my browser so many times in one day. I excitedly shared the link with my brother, a fellow Redditor. He wrote back, “You made that? It’s on the front page of Advice Animals!” I clicked on Advice Animals and sure enough, there it was. Number 24. I was completely floored. The post peaked at position 22 out of 25 on the front page of Advice Animals with 1,722 points. To date, it has 2,730 points, with  3,288 downvotes… but 6,018 upvotes!

Front page of Advice Animals … Achievement unlocked!

After my 15 seconds of Reddit fame had ended, I started to think, “Why did my last post get so much traction?” And “What makes a good Advice Animal popular?” Here are some of my thoughts, and some questions you can ask yourself when creating an Advice Animal. This is not only relevant to advice animals. These questions can be implemented into your overall social media strategy. 

Questions to ask: 

– Is the subject or situation relevant, current or topical?
– Is it something that can resonate with people/is it relatable?
– Is there any kind of emotional connection? Sad or funny? Humorous memes tend to work better?
– Is it opinion based?
– Can it be controversial?
– Can a wide audience appreciate it?
– Is it specific?
– Are you using the meme correctly? Go to to make sure.

Reddit can be intimidating at first, but stick with it and you might get yourself some upvote love.

To explore which reddit community is right for you there’s even sub-reddit about sub-reddits.   Check it out!


7, is it still the magic number?

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The other night I was at a party. The discussion turned to marketing. I spoke to a gentleman (a non marketer) who said that he refuses to buy any product, offer or course, that ends in a 7.  He had seen the trend so much and heard it from so many people, usually on webinars, that it made him not want to buy. Have other people become tired and burned out from seeing 7’s everywhere? Has the 7 had it’s time in the sun?

Have other people become tired and burned out from seeing 7's everywhere? Has the 7 had it’s time in the sun? Click To Tweet

Where did it come from?

According to Blog Marketing Academy: “It seems to have begun with a well-known marketer named Ted Nicholas. He said in one of his workshops that the number “7” raises sales – and from there it started what became almost an urban myth.” The article goes on to state that “If the number 7 had some magic factor to it, you’d see retail stores using it constantly. But, you don’t. At least not more than any other number.” I think that’s a very good point. We don’t see the 7 anywhere but online. The infomercial industry hasn’t adapted it yet either.

We all got use to “It’s only $19.95! Act now. Has the 7 become normalized? Has the same thing happened with the $27?

Has the 7 become normalized? We all got use to “It’s only $19.95! Act now. Has the same thing happened with the $27? Click To Tweet

Sales ?

Does it actually make a difference in sales? That is the real question. I have not come across any solid evidence or articles, that the 7 pricing strategy works. Just like most things it comes down to testing. What works well for one product or audience might not work well with another.

There must be some kind of pricing psychology involved. If it wasn’t working, everyone wouldn’t be doing it right? Or is it just a herd mentality?

What do you use in your pricing strategy? Do you end your pricing with a 0, 9, 5, 7, or something else? What kind of results have you seen? Please comment below.

In a previous blog post, I went over my Social Media wishes for 2019. The number 7, was number 1 on the list.

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Online Marketing Wish(es) for 2019 – Pt 2

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Last Week I went over my first 7 online marketing and social media wishes for 2019. This week I finish them up.

social media marketing scrabble
Online Marketing Wish #8: Just be you

Let’s stop referring to other professionals and competition in a given industry as the “experts” and “gurus” and putting it in quotes when comparing services, offers and information. It doesn’t make anyone seem any better, more knowledgeable, qualified, or more trustworthy. This is just a common scare tactic. It could even be off putting.

Don’t feel you need to build yourself up and take others down in the process. Just provide useful and helpful information.

With that being said it’s much better if the market has given you that title than giving it to yourself. Remember, you will always be an expert to someone. With that said, I did meet someone at a trade show once who introduced himself as a “Social Media Guru”  with a straight face (quoting his title). I couldn’t take him seriously.

Online Marketing Wish #8. Let's stop referring to other professionals and competition as the experts and gurus when comparing services and offers. Click To Tweet
Online Marketing Wish #9: Value, Value, Value !!!

Value was probably the most overused word of 2018 and I’m sure we will see it more in 2019. Stop declaring that you are about to give value or drop “value bombs”.  Just provide it with no explanation or introduction.

Online Marketing Wish #9. Stop declaring that you are about to give value or drop value bombs. Just provide value with no explanation or introduction. Click To Tweet
Online Marketing Wish #10: Prove it

Stop preaching and talking about 6 figures! Or saying you made X number of dollars in X amount of time without even stating the price of the product or service.

Online Marketing Wish #10. Stop preaching and talking about 6 figures! Click To Tweet
Online Marketing Wish #11: Vanity Metrics

Stop buying likes and followers. The big number is just a vanity metric.

A vanity metric, puts emphasis on the number of likes, followers etc an account has and the number alone, regardless if they are real or fake; the idea being that people are more likely to interact with accounts that have more of a following. The reality is when paying for likes their is a great chance that they are coming from fake accounts. This does NOTHING positive, and in the long run will not help you. Engagement will be low or non existent.

Stay away from companies that offer this service. Focus on organic or paid growth, where you know you can target and engage with your ideal customer. It’s just not worth it.

Online Marketing Wish #11. Stop buying likes and followers Click To Tweet
Online Marketing Wish #12: Use Direct Messages for good, not evil

Stop sending direct messages (DMs) that go right in for the sale on the first point of contact. Would you walk up to someone at an event hand them your business card and walk away? Probably not. It’s the same thing.

Stop pitching to other businesses and professionals that offer the same service that you do.

Online Marketing Wish #12. Stop sending direct messages that go right in for the sale on the first point of contact Click To Tweet
Online Marketing Wish #13: Mindset

All over the internet we see motivation quotes and images. Additionally, people talk about their experiences and positivity as it relates to their business or life. Positivity and mindset is important and can have an impact on any individual, business and it’s customers. When everyone is talking about positivity and mindset, the message can get oversaturated. If you honestly believe it works and you want to share it, by all means go for it. However, don’t feel obligated or pressured into incorporating motivation into your social media presence. Do what you think alines best with your personality and brand. Not everyone needs to a motivational speaker.

Online Marketing Wish #13. Positivity and mindset is important and can have an impact on any business and it's customers but not everyone needs to be a motivational speaker. Click To Tweet
Online Marketing Wish #14: Stop using “RE” in marketing emails

Stop using RE in marketing emails that are NOT replies. At best, you’ll trick someone to opening your email and they will buy your product or service . At worst, they’ll go from confused to pissed off, and unsubscribe.

Online Marketing Wish #14. Stop using RE in marketing emails that are not replies Click To Tweet
Online Marketing Wish #15: Webinar Pitches

I’ve lost count of how many webinars I’ve watched over the years. They have become very formulaic. They always start and end the same way; the END almost always includes the pitch.

I have no problem with the pitch or the pricing, (unless it ends in a 7. #1 on my list) it’s the set up that gets me. “You get all these modules at all these prices. A $$$ value, but we’re not going to charge you that, or that, or even that.” I know that there is a method to the madness but why not just offer a good product at a fair price?

It’s straight out of infomercials. If it hasn’t happened already, the consumer that watches multiple webinars will become desensitized to all of these tactics.


The online marketing world can be challenging. I understand that getting, grabbing, and keeping attention has become difficult. Everyone is bombarded with the never ending streams of content and ads. Because of this, we go to great lengths to be seen. We do everything we can to get prospects and customers. Still, I think there needs to be a better way. We can all do better. At the end of the day just be AUTHENTIC.    Being authentic isn’t hiding behind a logo. It is showing you care about the consumer. It is about being real.

Going into 2019 and beyond. Let’s help people and offer good products and services without using any trickery, and smoke an mirrors.  

Now that you know my 2019 wishes, please tell me yours. Comment below.

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